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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  July 27, 2009 4:55am-5:30am EDT

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good morning. thank you so much for joining us on a monday morning, july 27th. i'm megan pringle >> i'm jamie costello. hope you had a great weekend. let's start the news this way -- >> police are putting together clues -- this is maybe a deadly drag race. a witness tells us police are still investigating what happened on northern parkway. >> plus, more than a dozen people shot at a barbecue including a pregnant woman and toddler when gunmen opened fire. this happened while you slept. and dramatic rescue video as powerful storms came through our area last night. >> could you believe it? >> no. >> rain, thunder, lightning. wild. >> from top-to-bottom.
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let's get our first check of weather, justin berk. >> we got much-needed rain in many spots. we got another round coming through now. lower eastern shore getting hammered soon, if not already. we may have rain in the baltimore area and anne arundel county getting it. you can see over the last six hours we've actually got this resurgence of energy trying to come back through i-95, so dc through anne arundel county and maybe clipping up towards glen burnie into the south side of the city. eastern shore getting it. on maryland's most powerful doppler radar, we have the lightning strikes in a couple of -- we'll show that you in a couple of minutes. lisbon had 3/4-inch hail yesterday. they are down to 67. in churchville, almost that much. temperatures basically ranging from upper 60s to low 70s. this morning rain and storms south side of the city, south and to the eastern shore, will regenerate more showers and
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storms mainly after 3:00 p.m. today, our two-degree guarantee 87. our first check of the roads. here's kim. >> as we check around the area only one accident to let you know about, that is 70 eastbound heading out towards route 32, single-vehicle crash there. but we have trees down around the area, especially in howard county, woodbine, morgan station road closed in both directions between route 99 and 144. also, we have a tree down in the reisterstown area, that isic deemas -- -- nico deemas road. and we don't have much to tell you about on the beltway, 695 and liberty road, everything flowing freely. back to you. all hints point to drag racing but police know at least this, it was reckless driving. >> it happened on a stretch of northern parkway. sherrie johnson is on the story. >> reporter: good morning. police tell abc 2 this mangled
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mess was all that was left after suspected drag racers slammed into a cab driver last night killing him. it happened 11:00 at the intersection of northern parkway and wood crest near pimlico racetrack. witnesses say several cars were driving fast when they slammed into a cab driver trying to make a u turn. authorities say the cab driver died instantly at the scene, four others seriously injured and taken to shock trauma. one witness didn't want to be identified on camera. >> they was racing down the street and the cab driver minding his business, got struck by another car. the ones that made it through jumped in their cars and drove out. >> reporter: witnesses say this was a group of young men ranging in age from 16 to 18 years old. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. let's go to new york. a head on crash described by a witness as one car went one
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way, the other went up in the air. state police say a family's mini van going in the wrong direction crashed into two other vehicles killing a total of eight people. five when this mini van, four young cizzens and mother of one of the children. police set up an accident recreation scene now to learn how this accident happened. back here in baltimore police have several investigations on their hands after a very violent night. they want to know who opened fire on at least a dozen people including a pregnant woman and a 2-year-old. happened around 9:00 last night. police say gunman opened fire on the crowd who had a cookout in the 2600 block of ashland avenue when all of a sudden shots rang out. investigators say none of the injuries appear to be life threatening. police don't have a motive in the case. 9:30, police on the scene of another shooting in east baltimore, this on east baltimore street. police say this is just walking distance from the multiple shooting on ashland avenue that jamesy was talking about.
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the injured man was taken to hopkins. no word on his condition. around midnight, reports of a double homicide at the corner of fayette and cochran. police have little information to go on. there have been no arrests made in any of these cases. the chief of police in alexandria, virginia, in hot water, he faces drunk driving charges after getting into an accident that injured one person. on saturday night, authorities say chief david baker was arrested in arlington, virginia, driving an unmarked city vehicle and had a .19 blood alcohol level, that is about twice the legal limit. the driver of the other car was hospitalized with nonlife-threatening injuries. baker is on paid administrative leave now. the word of the day this monday, clean-up. powerful storms rumbled through our area last night, winds as high as 60 miles per hour, even golfball-sized hail. our cameras were rolling as a woman was being rescued from a car in reisterstown.
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>> it was just boom. and it shut down my car. i'm fine. these guys did a good job. >> at last check bge reporting that 15,000 customers are still without power this morning. officials confirm it was not a tornado. if the orioles didn't win yesterday i was going to become a fan of chelsea. but the orioles came through with a rare sunday win. orioles and red sox up there in fenway. bottom of the first, orioles up 1-0 and kevin youkilis, pops up. that's a nice grab. >> it's good. >> top of the third the orioles blow it wide open with a rally off john smoltz. and markakis would double to right center. and david hernandez was on yesterday so the rookie, again, wingz it. the orioles win. final 6-2. orioles back home tonight against the kansas city royals. just like that he's on.
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drew bennet who signed with the ravens friday announced his retirement. his agent released a statement last night saying he returned home and said while my mind is willing my body won't make it through another nfl season. that was short. >> i'm going to start running routes here. this is ridiculous. can we get a receiver here? go ahead. sorry. the evidence is there. newlyweds packing on the pounds. >> i'm worried but i'm starting to gain weight already. we just got married. >> it's a happy time. how to keep your marriage and weight in tip-top shape. we'll find out. and if you're heading to the beach there are road projects to watch for. when we come back. >> there was a nine-mile backup at the bay bridge saturday afternoon. already, 72 degrees as we start this monday morning. >> here's mark jones with the commute. happy monday. >> happy monday to you.
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the commute off to an excellent start on light rail and metro subway. both on time. on the buses, 77 diversion to be in place at edmondson and ingleside due to a watermain break repair. there's a heavy volume on the 13, 5 and 19 buses.
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taking route 50 to the beach? a repaving project begins tonight. it will be paved in talbot county, it's a four-mile stretch just north of easton. construction is planned from sunday through thursday from 7:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. the project should be finished by the fall. let's look at the weather now with justin berk. good morning, >> 5:09. talking about a backup at the beach. look at the beach this morning, clobbered with heavy storms. that general piece of energy across our area yesterday evening now sitting on the eastern shore, ocean city about to get rocked again with me storms. look at the recent lightning strikes, in 20 minutes, 100 roughly across the area. this particular view 71, even back towards salisbury. you can see more storms back towards lexington park. this showing us 184. we have showers nearby from the dc area. probably going to hit anne arundel county, maybe annapolis in the next half-hour. could be clipping the south
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side of the city, glen burnie, south baltimore could get a little wet by 6:00. 72 and muggy in baltimore and easton with 60s up in the county and north of the border and through york, pennsylvania. we'll average near 70 but around the city, south and east, showers or storms with lightning mixed in this morning. another round trying to fire after 3:00 p.m. with our two-degree guarantee of 87 degrees. 5:10. let's go back to the roads with kim. >> thank you. only one incident on run of the major thoroughfares, that is a single-car crash, route 70 eastbound at route 32. everything else is pretty much in the counties, mostly downed trees around the area. park heights avenue closed between greenspring valley road and walnut road because of downed trees. in woodbine, morgan station road closed between route 99 and route 144 and nick deemas road closed as well. no problems to let you know on the west side at liberty road. a smooth ride to the route 70
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p both jumped more than 11% as countries across almost every industry had better than expected earnings as forecasts for the rest of the year. investors get another batch of number this week from visa, colgate palmolive and exxonmobil. the total loans held by 15 large u.s. banks fell by nearly 3% in the second quarter and bankers and borrowers refrain from risks. more than half of all volume in april and may came from refinancing mortgages. loan demand fallen as expansion companies put plans on hold and consumers trim spending to ride out the recession. according to lundberg, the average price of a gallon of gas fell about 7 cents in the past two weeks to $2 . 49 but appears the rate of decline is starting to slow down. this latest price is $1.51 below last year's peak for a gallon of regular unleaded.
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that's the latest business news. in "2 your health" education officials from across maryland are gathering in annapolis today for what they are calling a summit to discuss the swine flu. they plan to talk about potential vaccines, new ways to report swine flu and the emergency preparedness. as they get set for the flu season they say it's a priority this fall. and president obama continues his push to reform the health care system. he hoped to have a bill passed before congress took its summer break next month. on the sunday roundtable some members of congress argued that the deadline is not likely to be met. a spokesman said the president remains optimistic. >> the president believes that we're making progress and as long as we're making progress that's a very good sign on an issue that we've been debating for 40 years. >> house speaker nancy pelosi says she believes there are enough votes to pass the president's health care reform bill in the house. we are deep into summer which means well into wedding season. it turns out new research shows
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that married people are more than twice as likely as unmarried people to become obese. stephanie sy weighs the facts for us. >> reporter: newly married pedro mejia already suspects tying the knot means loosening the belt. i'm worried because we're starting to gain weight already. >> reporter: couples letting them selves go after marriage is backed up by mounting evidence. >> we found married couples were much more likely to be obese and watch a lot of tv and not engage in enough physical activity relative to couples just dating. >> look at us. 8:00 at night and we're already in our pajamas. >> reporter: unlike on tv sitcoms it's women who stand to gain the most weight. even women just living with their boyfriends have a 63% increased risk obesity. a year after her wedding nancy went to the doctor. >> he said to me you must be very happy. i thought that to be a strange comment but i said yes, i am.
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and he said, yes, you must be because you've gained 15 pounds. >> reporter: 35 years later the pounds had multiplied. for nancy and husband marty. even their dog zephyr gained weight. >> i think you're content, you're not exercising as much because you're busy working on your marriage. >> reporter: but psychologist amy goren says marriage can work in your favor. >> if one spouse decides to lose weight and makes changes in their eating and exercise it's likely to have a positive influence on the other spouse. >> reporter: since marty started dieting nancy naturally lost weight, too. >> she does all the cooking in the house and we ate 95% of our meals at home. she used ingredients to keep the fat content down. >> reporter: they are living proof that the vow "in sickness and in health" carries some real weight. >> you don't want any, no. >> reporter: stephanie sy,
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abc news, west hartford, connecticut. 5:17. taking a look outside to yesterday's temperatures. we had a weekend where both days hit 90. that is something we have not had all summer long. 97 richmond. there's the sign of true energy and heat being infused into this weather pattern. 95 norfolk as you can see we, running above normal with no records to be found. 66 is the morning. 87 in the afternoon. we have generally turned the corner where temperatures actually start to cool down for the rest of the year. that's one way of looking at it. we've already reached our peak temperature. climb to logically for the calendar year. 52 is the record in 1962. 1940, high mark of 101. 72 degrees this morning. definitely a muggy start. we talked about the storms and look at the flare-up here over the last 12 hours. you can see the storms that blew through baltimore. in the morning hours essentially a flow of warm air
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from our slow-moving cold front is going to keep us with the pattern for most of the week. pulling it back wider, it extends to the south but we're under the influence of this frontal boundary that will continue to pump in more moisture, warmth and humid conditions as we head through the remainder of most of the week. we have another flare-up of another line of strong storms this afternoon. some may contain frequent lightning, heavy downpours and hail of the damaging sort. showers around the bay. midday and afternoon tomorrow. we could do the sail thing wednesday. today, two-degree guarantee gets to us 87, not as hot as yesterday but the storms will be around throughout the afternoon into the evening. tonight we'll settle back to 68. we could do it again tomorrow. warm, humid, more showers and storms and back up to 89. kim? all the main thoroughfares are looking really good at this time. no problems to let you know about on the beltway or at the tunnels or on 95. however, we have a single vehicle crash, 70 eastbound at
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route 32 and a lot of down trees and wires along the side streets in the area. park heights avenue will be closed between greenspring valley and walnut. you may expect that to remain closed all morning long. word of a crash at honeygo boulevard at whitemarsh boulevard. there could be lane closures, plenty of emergency vehicles on scene. and reisterstown, nicodimas road and berrymans lane. and in cockeysville, cranbrook road at york road. downed trees and power lines in the area. definitely use caution. at the outer loop, no problems to let you know about, the beltway looks good at this time. back to you. 5:20. today, sarah palin now known as the former governor of alaska. in a fiery speech yesterday she said she's stepping down to take her political battles to a larger if unspecified stage. palin has not said what her future plans are but the former presidential candidate is widely considered a potential candidate for presidency in 2012. that is the former vice
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presidential candidate. rescue crews in cincinnati say a gas leak ignited an explosion from a two-story home. it crashed down on itself. the blew out windows. there are no reports of injuries. at the water in washington state. a hydroplane racing boat flips over during a race coming to rest with the canopy waterside down. it happened during the columbia cup race for unlimited hydroplanes. gene michael kelly was at the wheel when it flipped a couple of times. it landed canopy-side down. there was concern about the driver afterwards. he got out of the boat, no problems, he'll be ok. 5:21. when you put locks of love and the big easy together you get lots of -- locks of big love. 10s of thousands of volunteers over the weekend donated their hair to the charity. organizers say many of their
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donors grew their hair for well over a year before chopping it all off. the hair goes to kids in need of wigs while battling cancer. it's a very good cause. 5:21. can you believe this? another c.o. leak in essex. we'll tell you about it. it's the complex we've reported about over and over again. >> what residents are now saying about this latest problem at the cove village. coming up. this is one way of getting vitamins and minerals. this is another. new total blueberry pomegranate cereal gives you 100% of the daily value of 12 essential vitamins and minerals.
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>> reporter: e-bay is set to announce changes to its site today. "the wall street journal" is reporting e-bay will tweak its search engin to favor new products. the site will also allow sellers to include more and bigger photos in their listings for free and eliminate some features that sellers use to dress up listings. they can describe a condition such as brand new, factory refurbished and damaged. the changes are part of the e-bay shift away from auction sales towards fixed price listings. they go live later this year. apple looking at making buying digital music more like buying cd's. apple reportedly teeming up with four major record labels to add a new interactive booklet, sleeve notes and other interactive features with music downloads. according to "the financial times" the features are designed to change the way we buy digital music, shifting from digital songs to entire albums. somewhat of a throwback to the
5:26 am
cd's and records. they are expected to launch in september. apple also said to be working on a new tablet computer. the web is buzzing with reports of what is essentially a i-pod touch. reports say it would be a 10-inch screen with interpret access. apple is said to be negotiating with verizon wireless to be the exclusive provider which could be available as soon as christmas. would you pass the smile test? a japanese railway company installed computers that can detect how big workers are smiling bycal kateing the curve -- calculating the curve of their mouth. employees are encouraged to test their smile before facing customers. it's not required but most workers are doing it and they say it improves communications. for information on all these stories go to the technology page of i'm jeremy hubbard.
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good morning, maryland. i'm jamie costello. it's monday. >> i'm megan pringle. let's get you informed on the top stories this morning. the intersection of woodcrest and northern parkway is a possible crime scene this morning after a deadly crash. >> and after several weeks of delays the man accused of killing a holocaust security guard is expected in a courtroom this morning. also ahead this morning, cove village townhomes, at the center of a carbon monoxide leak. the latest in a moment. but first, thank you for joining us. >> let's look at the weather after the night. i hope your power is back on. here's justin berk. >> good morning. you know what? if you missed anything at the beach, you're not missing anything this morning. i want to show you the big storms rolling through ocean city now. maryland's most powerful doppler radar lit up right now with heavy rain pushing along the shoreline, assateague island all thy


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